7 Steps to Mobile SEO: Latest strategies to boost performance in your mobile marketing campaign

email-on-iphone-blog-thumb1There is an international surge of mobile phone internet use that has captured the attention of not only multimillion dollar companies but small and medium size businesses as well. There are so many potential customers to gain from mobile marketing that many businesses are spending a significant portion of their online marketing budget on mobile advertising and SEO. In fact, the latest insight research conducted in 2011 on mobile phone search, shows that over sixty percent of consumers search for brands on their mobile devices before making a purchase, and 49% of the mobile searches made resulted in a sale. There is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when a consumer is able to include their mobile shopping in their daily errands without much effort.  This article will cover the best practices for starting or improving an effective mobile marketing campaign:

  1. Start by creating a separate mobile website address, for example m.yourwebsite.com and submit the sitemap separately so you can distinguish your mobile presence. The SEO advantage to having a mobile version of your site is that Google now has a designated bot that crawls around looking for mobile versions of classic sites to index. This way you have two pages of the same site indexed as one and if your mobile and classic site is optimized properly, you will be more visible on mobile search.
  2. Look for trends of mobile customers so you can target them by including images that mobile customers prefer. For instance, optimize images and the webpages so that it loads fast. Some Mobile phones are not able to download large amounts of data quickly because of different data plans, so it is crucial to design for a quick download time. Also, Mobile customers generally are on the go and in a hurry and don’t want to wait around for an image to load on their phone.
  3. Different mobile devices and different screen sizes. Design and build with a “fluid” layout in mind. Avoid designing your website like WAP – horizontal tabs. Make a website that is easy to navigate within a mobile screen. Although, some vertical scrolling is acceptable, the same cannot be said about horizontal scrolling. The most common screen resolution used nowadays is 1024 x 768 pixels, so make sure that your website fits inside it. Also, a mobile site needs to be designed for fingers so the clicks should be a minimum of 30-40px in size and use whitespace in between t ease click ability.
  4. Ensure the mobile website has footer and header just like normal website. Put all the important information on top of the page like site search and navigation to make your mobile site design convenient for the users.
  5. Provide backlinks from your mobile website so that people browsing mobile websites may land to your site.
  6. Promote your mobile website on social pages like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. where vast audiences may land using mobile phone.
  7.  Use video in your mobile website to attract more users. People using mobile phones spend more time on video as compared to desktop.

The 7 steps above will help create a more SEO friendly mobile site that may increase your sales and help you get found in today’s highly mobile lifestyles. Will the numbers of mobile customers increase in the near future? Yes, and it will continue to grow so it pays to develop and improve your mobile site accordingly.

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