How to Select a Good Domain Name for your New Business

iStock_000008057370XSmall-150x150A good domain name will make a huge difference in today’s highly competitive online market.  If you are looking to create a successful online business or improve an existing one, it is crucial to take the time and plan how to choose a domain name that will drive traffic to your business.

For those who are not familiar with World Wide Web terminology, a domain name is the actual name of the website that is input across the text field of a web browser and as a result the domain name becomes the website.

In my search I found two major areas of importance in creating a new domain name: Find a unique name and choose the right keywords.

First, keep in mind that a shorter name is easier to remember and essentially all of your potential customers will come to know you by. Also, never use a hyphen in your domain name. It has become the standard and nearly everyone who uses the internet understands that most names within domain names are all one word. If your company name is easy and relates to your product, than use it!

Second, keywords in your domain name will help your search engine ranking. You might even consider purchasing several domain names that have the keywords of the items you sell and point those domain names toward your website Search. Find some web names that may be similar to yours to avoid competition.

Visit a domain name registration site and see what is taken and what is available. Having a similar domain name may result with your customers accidentally visiting your competitor’s sites and may create a loss of business.  This is why your initial keyword research is so important in order to identify and register a business and domain name that will help generate traffic for your site. Remember and use popular keyword phrases have greater search value.

Furthermore, a successful domain name will contain powerful keywords that will ultimately market your business on the web. Select one or two words that are simple, unique and set your business apart. Make sure that you identify and use keywords in your company name that best describe your business. For instance, type in words that best describe your business and find words people use when looking for what you are going to market. If you are a local business, one of your keywords should include your city name. For example, if you are a pizzeria in the city of Woodland Hills, your domain name should include “Woodland Hills Pizzeria”.

Most new businesses do not have the resources to spend thousands of dollars that it takes to establish a unique name and image.  If you are just starting out the above should help you set up a foundation for customers to find you on the internet.

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