Captivating Digital Moms: Four Apps They Love

gsocm_38_12Moms are among the most connected demographics in social: more than 54% own smartphones, 75% use Facebook; and 5 million visit Pinterest daily. Their purchasing decisions affect entire households and spill over to their super-social friends.

So how do you attract this connected, influential audience?

At Inc.com, Christina DesMarais gives us her top 10 time-saving apps for moms. Below are a few. Get a sense of what moms value, and start rolling up your shirtsleeves!

Net Nanny. This software app lets parents decide how their kids use the ‘net and is designed to protect them from adult-themed sites, cyberbullying, stalking, and profanity. Adults can impose time limits and vary rules based on kids’ ages. It isn’t just parents using it; schools and businesses are, too.

Picksie. This free location-based discovery app, available on iPhone and Android, lets parents find family-friendly things to do in the months when kids are on vacation. It also includes museum schedules, easy ticketing, and thousands of on-app menus and restaurant reviews. Best of all, it gets smarter with use, and automatically filters out things people likely won’t want to do—like certain outdoor activities in winter.

Ruckus Reader. Founded by the former president and publisher of Simon & Schuster’s children’s division, this delicious iPad app provides narrated digital storybooks, and other literary activities, to kids. Parents love it because it provides feedback about kids’ reading experiences through “Reader Meter” email reports. A dashboard also shows how your child is progressing in phonics, word recognition, fluency, and story comprehension, among other qualities.

VolunteerSpot. Born out of a mom’s frustration with reply-all email chains, this free online tool lets moms, teachers, or other active community members coordinate participation with specific others for service projects, PTA meetings, staffing for sporting events, and so on.

The Po!nt: Put yourself in their apps. One of the best ways to “get” digital moms is to take a look at the great services popping up to meet their evolving, super-mobile needs.

www.marketingprofs.com http://www.marketingprofs.com/short-articles/2664/captivating-digital-moms-four-apps-they-love

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