digital-marketing-150x150The strategy should be laid in such a way that it includes all the aspects of business be it the services or the competitor. For developing a strategy one needs to be clear about the target customer, competitors, and the market. More precisely who are you, what you want to do, where you want to go and how to go about it.

Once you have identified your customers and their problems/ needs then you need to find out the mediums to reach your customers. You selected the digital medium to reach them, therefore, first ask yourself that “Are you differentiated”. If you are differentiated, then it means you are on the right track to achieve success and customer retention. For this you need to be unique with respect to the services you provide, marketing and the way to reach the customers.

Further you need to be focused, provide consistent message throughout all the channels of the digital media, which you are using. After this you need to know about the digital strategy which is to be digitally integrated. To be digitally integrated means, that the business should deliver consistent messages aligned with that of the offline ones. For this you need to know about your customer’s likes, dislikes and preferences. Your customers are already online and you can track them on forums, blogs and shopping sites such as ebay or amazon.com or similar to these. Conduct a complete analysis of the competition, this will provide an insight about the potential customers. You can use that information to portray yourself being different from others.

After getting information on the customers, competitors you need to develop tactical plan for which marketing channels will be required. There are lots of channels to market on internet and this is one of the characteristics, which makes it a powerful medium to interact with the potential customers. One should always identify what channels your customers and competitors are using, so that you can focus on unreached channels effectively.

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  1. That’s one way to reach customers effectively. The strategy outlines the logical 1 will help gain effective unexpected work. I appreciate your article

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